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Free cooling is accomplished by delivering outdoor air to cool buildings instead of relying on mechanical cooling systems. These systems can significantly decrease compressor, cooling tower, and condenser water pump energy requirements as well as tower makeup water use and the related water treatment. Free cooling has the added benefit of providing a high level of ventilation air to a space, often resulting in improved indoor air quality.

We focus on several areas, including: the structural integrity of buildings.

Electricity and air conditioning


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electric and conditioning

Use of nighttime precooling (night purge) reduces daytime mechanical cooling requirements. Flushing the building at night with outside air cools the building mass, which will stay cool through the beginning hours of building occupancy. When operating a night purge system, let the building temperature float during the first part of the night then run the system fans for the few hours prior to occupancy to precool the building to the desired temperature.

In evaporative cooling, the sensible heat in an air stream is exchanged for the latent heat of water. Most buildings at LANL could be cooled by evaporative cooling methods alone. Direct evaporative coolers (also known as swamp coolers) introduce some moisture to the air stream, subsequently reducing the dry bulb temperature of the outside air to within 5°F to 10°F of the wet bulb temperature. Indirect evaporative coolers provide sensible cooling only.

electricity and air conditioning

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Air cooled by water sprayed on the backside of a heat exchanger is separate from the air delivered to the occupied space. Indirect/direct evaporative cooling systems pass air through an indirect evaporative cooling system heat exchanger to provide sensible cooling to the air stream. There are ways to make this hulking box, but a piece of important equipment, integrate with your architectural features to help achieve a nice-looking interior design. Hide the units stylishly or decorate them and you’ll have the best of both worlds, a cool indoor and a cozy atmosphere.

Before starting your renovation check the space where the cooling system is or will be mounted. Fashion out a plan that will improve the appearance of the space. There are designs available online or your creative mind might just do the trick. Consider the dimensions of your unit, materials needed, budget, the time and effort to complete the project.

Interior design is the key of sucess.



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