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Structural glazing is used extensively in skyscrapers, with glass facades a ubiquitous feature in the financial centres of cities. However, structural glazing can also be included in personal homes in a variety of architecturally innovative and visually compelling ways.

We adopt glass extensions as a way of increasing space and natural light without the frames and limited structural possibilities associated with a traditional conservatory.

We aim to make the most of landscapes for the benefit of visitors.

Cladding and structure glass work


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Cladding and exteriors

We also use strengthened, laminated glass in floors, roofs and frameless glass walls. This offers endless opportunities to create an open, light atmosphere while still organizing internal spaces and providing shelter.

Thanks to technological advances and growing demand for structures with larger glazed surfaces, glass assemblies have slowly begun taking on an additional role as load-bearing systems. Part of the impetus has come from the recent trends toward modernist and high-tech architectural designs. These strikingly minimalist compositions tend toward larger areas of glass and a minimized supporting structure, compelling Building Teams to approach glass enclosures as structural elements.

These systems incorporate metals, plastics, and elastomers to work effectively. Yet on its own, glass exhibits several truly structural mechanical properties: high compressive strength, a good stiffness-to-weight ratio, long-term stability, and notable resistance to aggressive environments.

Exterior cladding

Best cladding services

Air cooled by water sprayed on the backside of a heat exchanger is separate from the air delivered to the occupied space. Indirect/direct evaporative cooling systems pass air through an indirect evaporative cooling system heat exchanger to provide sensible cooling to the air stream. There are ways to make this hulking box, but a piece of important equipment, integrate with your architectural features to help achieve a nice-looking interior design. Hide the units stylishly or decorate them and you’ll have the best of both worlds, a cool indoor and a cozy atmosphere.

Before starting your renovation check the space where the cooling system is or will be mounted. Fashion out a plan that will improve the appearance of the space. There are designs available online or your creative mind might just do the trick. Consider the dimensions of your unit, materials needed, budget, the time and effort to complete the project.


Interior design is the key of sucess.



We complete every sector with the perfect matching furniture customized to go right in place



Whether you like to work in an open space environment or a more private office we build the right workstations in different sizes and spaces








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